Ham Sandwich Anyone


Ham is an old English word, originally spelt Hamm, which meant a town. Nowadays it is often used at the end of a place name such as Birmingham and Nottingham, but very occasionally it has survived in its own.

Even less often it is delightfully combined with another town on a road sign offering a delicious reception awaits the traveller. Such a delightful coincidence occurs on the way to Sandwich in Kent where you have to pass through the ‘hamlet’ (small town) of er… Ham. Guaranteeing that when you arrive in ham you’ll be really looking forward to a tasty local speciality, sadly you’ll be disappointed there aren’t any sandwich shops in Ham. In fact there isn’t really anything of interest in Ham, except the road that leads to Sandwich.

Happily, Sandwich is different, for Sandwich has a Sandwich Shop, called not really very originally oh you’ve guessed it, but I’m going to continue anyway, The Sandwich Shop.


But there they try and flog you sandwiches which are a little more springy than a rotten old boring Ham Sandwich which of course is all you really want!

Isn’t life more interesting when it is just a little bit silly?

Sandwich Shop Sandwich

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