My Back Catalogue

I know that there has been a lot of talk about me releasing my back catalogue of classic (though dreadfully out of date) recordings just like The Beatles are reported to be considering but have denied that they will be doing so.

So I have decided to give my side of the story and what I have to say now is this. Although, just like The Beatles, my back catalogue has been carefully and expensively digitally re-mastered this has been done for no reason what so ever in particular, just for pleasure in fact.

Like The Beatles I don’t intend to cash in on the pent up demand for my wonderful digitally re-mastered recordings and I am appalled to hear that some tin pot outfit in Santa Cruz is selling these little wonders at the ridiculous price of just 25 cents, furthermore I would like to state that if my record company were to release our marvellous digitally re-mastered catalogue officially it would cost at least five times more I can promise that now.

My own company Cat Corps have been in negotiations with various web based digital music stores and to date they just won’t agree to give us not only what we want but what we think we deserve, which is too much. You have to remember that my entire back catalogue of wonderful music was carefully written by others and it costs an absolute fortune to keep that secret oops!

Finally I have to say that the boys in the band and I were hoping that the release of our terrific music digitally was going to keep us in our old age at a time when it is difficult for us to make music or though some would say that I have been doing that ever since I went solo with with my progressive rock band Chicken Wings.

It Is Okay You Are Allowed!

I recently heard a very sad story and I would like to share it with you because I don’t want it to happen again. Don’t worry this clever Cat knows that all of you humans have short attention spans and so the story is brutally short.

The other day I got a tearful email from a rather young girl after she had been to my amazing website to see the snow. She said that her friends had told her that she wasn’t allowed to go back as often as she wanted to so that she could worship me properly.

I would like to quash any rumours before they spread from the dripping tongues of the unworthy by stating here and now that you can go to my website as often as you like to worship me. As a star some say I need to be worshipped and although I wouldn’t go to those sort of Brad Pitt lengths I do rather like the adoration. And remember a trip to my website doesn’t cost you anything, now isn’t that exceptional value – I should say so!

Purrs from,

The Cat

Pretty Clever

So what you are saying is that if I email to this address then whatever I have typed will appear on my blo as a blog, mmh that is pretty clever.

Click sound effect here. – Click

Oops that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Now I suppose I should look on my blog like everyone else!

Stop For a Moment and Think About Your Furry Friends!

Everyday around the world hundreds of thousands of Cats are going hungry, unloved and mistreated and that is something that shouldn’t be allowed.

But there is some good news and that is that you, yes you can do something about this dreadful state of affairs.

I imagine that you have often said to yourself, “I know it is terrible that there is such cruelty to animals and it is just awful, but what can I do, I just wish I could make things better for the poor little creatures?”

The simple answer is that you can make things better for all the poor little Cats around the world that are being mistreated and go hungry every day.

You can help then one at a time, starting with me. Just buy my book and I promise that I will make sure that I live in total comfort and never go hungry!

And if you really want to help then why not buy a few books, Christmas is coming and they make excellent presents, door stops and solid objects for humans to throw at each other when they are having a row. I typed “when humans are rowing” at first but it didn’t sound right, people throwing my book at each other while enjoying a boat trip?

So what are you waiting for? Type “Getting Out Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary” into and get my book, it will help save an adorable Cat’s life – me! or cut out the middle man and just send me more than you can afford right now.


The Cat


My Favourite Cushion, My Favourite Chair



So Here We Are!

It is great to be here in one of the palaces of self promotion and I promise to do my part to entertain all you nice people and watch the sales of my latest book climb.

As always you can get more information about me at and you can buy my book by searching at

I can promise that you are going to hear a lot more from me, no that isn’t a threat.


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