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The Pearseed Project Son Of America’s Appleseed Project

I have decided to launch the Pearseed project as an armed response to all of the looneys fundamental and otherwise in the world who seem to think that it is a really good idea to carry and worse ‘use’ a gun.

The Pearseed Project aims to teach every Feline to fire a bullet through a man-sized target from a distance and is a direct response to the danger posed by the Appleseed Project – where every idiot in America will learn to do the very same but and it is a very big but “the Appleseed Project aims to teach every American to fire a bullet through a man-sized target from a distance.” Or that is the wish of the looney in charge Jack Dailey who lives in North Carolina.


Honestly what is wrong with humans such as Mr Dailey, isn’t the world a dangerous enough place at the moment without adding to the problem, surely here in the west we don’t have to tote guns to prove how evolved we are we should leave that the the sort of humans with sheets on their heads pictured below who don’t know any different and if we ignored them, stopped sending aid to their countries would get bored, have to buy food instead of guns and best of all eventually get bored and go home peacefully.


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