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Goodbye Neil Armstrong and thank you

Sadly a hero has passed away. Neil Armstrong was someone who like most people in the world I didn’t know, never met and never had an opportunity to meet, but like millions of people at the end of the 1960’s I watched him in fuzzy black and white tv pictures do something that no one will ever do again and that was be the first person to step, not only on the Moon but on a different planetary body, and all you can say to that is WOW!

Neil Armstrong

Just how brave does someone have to be to travel so far and to take that first step onto somewhere so alien? Although he would have been briefed till the cows come home on just what to expect Mr. Armstrong was the sole individual who had to actually do all the things that enabled a moon landing. Again WOW!


Put yourself, for a moment, into the great big white suit, helmet and shoes of this hero and try to imagine just what was going through his mind, with millions watching on tv, as he used a joystick affair that was a lot more primitive than ones to be found on games consoles today to land on the Moon and then several hours afterwards open the hatch and make your way down a ladder onto the dusty surface of the Moon, no I can’t imagine what it was all like, oh I do wish that we all had had the opportunity to have chatted to the guy for five minutes. I just hope that I wouldn’t have shook his hand and just kept saying WOW all the time!

Apollo 11 Launch

What a journey, what an adventure, what a marvellous achievement and what a story Mr. Armstrong had to tell.

In England (where I was born) if you win an Olympic gold medal or two, or a football competition it’s ‘usual’ for you to be made a ‘sir’ or knighted as the royalists call it. So if Neil Armstrong had been English how would they have rewarded him? I have no idea but at the very least he would have been given the honour of a state funeral! So come on America what are you waiting for? Insulting the memory or a such a hero is beneath you!

Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle in landing configuration

Now I do hope now that the ‘clever’ people who believe that the Lunar landings were just a hoax will not try in their cowardly way to tarnish the memory of one of the world’s heroes, this great man simply doesn’t deserve it!

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