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A New Video

Today I put a new video up on my www-wickedlywonderfulwebsite, do have a little gawp at it here, I am sure that you will love it as much as my other videos.

To have a look at it do click on the pretty blue writing below and get transported to my www-wickedlywonderfulwebsite videos page.

 Cat Sucker-punching a Baby

Basically its the age old story Cat takes an interest in a baby, the baby starts to play with the Cat words,are said, there is some spitting from both parties, punches are thrown, no one gets hurt you could say that it is just a storm in a milk dish really.

Cat Sucker Punches Baby

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Mmh Cat or Baby – Would You Change Your Baby For A Cat?

Sometimes humans completely and utterly confuse me with the things that they do and worse things that they think. Then when they then go on to create a sign to describe what they are doing or thinking they probably confuse themselves.

What is this sign all about – answers in a post to my wonderful blog appreciated.

Mmh Cat or Baby  Would You Change Your baby For A Cat

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