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A Lot Of People Believe In Signs!

It is true a lot of people think that they see statues of major and minor deities and probably celebrities bleeding and doing all manner of rather revolting things and announce – “It’s a sign!”

Some humans I know believe that they get privileged information from ‘beyond’ – oddly enough the contact ‘beyond’ is often a native American Indian – and are deliriously happy to announce that they have had ‘a sign.’

I tend not to believe any of these ‘signs’ and as I continue to add to my collection of really very stupid signs I have discovered that I don’t believe in the old fashioned tin on a pole type physical signs these days either do you?

Beware of the Grey ones then - Lake district.jpg

I have to ask – what on earth does this sign mean? Do only Red Squirrels drive slowly? Do we have to really keep a look out for the Grey ones because they drive like lunatics? You tell me!

I would also like to know what they are smoking locally? Or is there something in the water in the Lake District of England – it’s where Beatrix Potter started talking to animals isn’t it, so there is definitely something wrong there?

“Oh look there is another Rabbit with clothes on – is that an everyday occurrence in the Lake District I wonder.

clothed rabbit.jpg

It really makes you wonder doesn’t it. Ok before you say anything what so ever I know that I am a talking cat and could even be described as very slightly anthropomorphic (as it were) but I have never ever dressed up in human clothes deliberately, yes there was that incident in my wonderful book my devoted readers will recall when my disguise went a bit wrong and I ended up plastered in make-up wearing a rather flouncy wig but that was an error that a lot of you humans make all too often if you believe what is written in the press.

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