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Here’s A Place To Worship Dick!

Now this might to some of you seem to be a very rude sign, but as there are Muslims, Christians and Jews who worship a god there are some who worship other things that are equally as ‘holy’ and ‘sacred’ to them.

Of course I am thinking of sun worshippers, Druids, Mr and Mrs. Ugg the odd shaggy people who thought that Stonehenge was a religious site and so on.

Here is a picture of a park (below) that is used by other alternative worshippers to celebrate their beliefs and achieve rapture or bliss or whatever holy people expect to get when they worship.

I wonder what dick worshippers do and how the ‘bliss’ or ‘rapture’ comes upon them?

Now I am wondering why that last paragraph sounds so rude at the end, it wasn’t meant to be like that and this Cat hopes that he hasn’t offended any religious people and their practices with it.

Oh Good Old Dick

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