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Proof – That Austrians Love To Share

I have a feeling that the poor old Austrians and for that matter the Germans too have had a bit of a bad press these days being accused of being selfish and running the EU like it’s some sort of private playground but I am happy to tell you, my wonderfully cuddly readers, that I have discovered some evidence to the contrary.

Proof  That Austrians Love To Share

Ok so it’s a little overbearing to tell guests, even ‘dear’ ones that they must not eat their own lunch and, I presume, must share it with everyone present.

But although the sign is a little bossy it’s well intentioned, because as Bono the tax dodging bozo will tell you, if you allow him, there are millions of people all over the world going without, he just focuses on the more photogenic ones! So sharing is good.

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