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Can’t Decide Whether To Buy An iPad Or A Competitor’s Device – Ask An Expert!

If you are having trouble deciding between an iPad or the ever growing range of competitor devices out there then you can either take some considered advice from this clever Cat and get the iPad – because imitators are so passé or check out an Iranian ‘iDic.K’.

As you can see from the picture below this expert prefers the Iranian version of the iPad, the iKoran, which has been fondly given the catchy name – ‘iDic.K’ because it ‘Doesn’t Include Content except the Koran’ you can also see that the ‘iDic.K’ comes in two halves the left half weighs five pounds and the right a chunky 10.

So why choose an ‘iDic.K’? Well that is a very good question and the expert has what he believes is a very good answer – the ‘iDic.K’ runs on what has been described by Iranian nuclear scientists “as the most revolutionary and advanced batteries ever invented.” 

These very advanced batteries, according to the Tehran based manufacturer iSlam Inc., are really easy to recharge, all you have to do is to prostrate yourself with your ‘iDic.k’ in both hands and pray 20 times a day. The same experts in Iran have said that prayer powered batteries, like Islam, are just about to storm the world and will be used in most household appliances in the West once Shria law is established and your old fashioned mains electric supply turned off.

The really good news is that no matter which iPad you choose, with the exception of the Iranian ‘iDic.K’ of course, you will be able to read my wonderful book on it and laugh not only at my antics but also at the antics and beliefs of all sorts of fools – no I guess I don’t need another picture here – the one above will do just fine.

You can get an electronic version of my wonderful book at most ebook retailers online, at at Amazon.com and of course my www – wickedly wonderful website www.thecatsdiary.com.

The Cat would like to apologise in advance for some of the content on this blog today namely the picture of the funny little bloke demonstrating the ‘iDic.K’ which was taken using another ‘iDic.K’s’ camera, The Cat imagines that the problem with the picture is the quality of the ‘iDic.K’ prototype’s lens, surely no human can be that ugly?