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Even More Snow On The Cat’s Website

Silly me when I was showing everyone yesterday the picture of the snow on my blog here The Cat’s Blog I forgot to include a snapette of the even more snow that’s falling over the picture at the top of the page on The Cat’s Website or to put it another way my www.wickedlywonderfulwebsite www.thecatsdiary.com and so I thought I would rectify that immediately, but then I went to sleep in the afternoon yesterday and then sadly it completely slipped my mind when I woke up to eat a very late supper.

Happily I had made a note to resolve the problem today and as the sticky note I used somehow managed to attach itself to my paw I couldn’t fail to remember, though I have to say I would have done it earlier if ‘Postit’ notes were more ‘attracted’ to sticking to computer screens, tables and indeed each other rather than they are to fur and pad skin!

Still here is the picture for you dear cuddly readers before I get carried away about the odd attractions that sticky things have – I’m sure I can wait and get carried away in the next paragraph!

Even More Snow

Have you noticed just how annoying sticky things are? Masking tape is probably the most useless sticky thing I can think of, it promises to lightly adhere to most things for a while and then be easily removed not leaving any marks, sticky patches or other nasty stuff. But it doesn’t want to stick to anything apart from fur, paw pad skin and itself does it? And it does this by hanging limply from walls, where it has been used as a mask prior to painting, just waiting for an innocent Cat to nonchalantly stroll by minding his own business until he becomes ever more embroiled in yards and yards of the stuff that need little or no encouragement to wrap itself ever more tightly around a stomach that will, it promises, be on a diet in the new year as part of a whole Feline detox programme.

I could go on about the pointlessness of sticky tape in all forms, but while typing I am trying to remove a line of masking tape from my err… how can I put this um… bottom! It isn’t easy for the Cat who writes blogs to write the aforementioned communication when he has his ass masked! Is it?

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