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Bet She Felt A Bit Of A Knob On The Balcony!

It is true to say that I have deliberately avoided commenting on the royal wedding because it is tedious and every other idiot who can type has, but I couldn’t resist this little gem of a picture. It sums up the day and the dynasty.

I had heard that she gave good head but as a Cat I thought that she was generous with some of the best bits of left over fish!

They say that every picture tells a story and wow what a story this one tells! Poor little kate I bet she felt a bit of a knob on the balcony, she should have told whatever his name is to wait until they got inside. But then that’s the royals for you, if they want something they want it now!

One of the many reasons that they have to go!

Bet she felt a bit of a knob on the balcony

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