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“It’s Upside Down Love!”

It's upside down love!.jpg

With the world watching and sycophantic news organisations gushing on about the concern shown by the future ‘king’ it appears that prince Charles and his wife Camillia were caught on camera showing what appears to be a lapse of concentration at best, and at worst a total lack of interest in the ceremony being held to bury the last of 250 British and Australian troops who had been forgotten for so long before being found in a mass grave near the First World War battlefield of Fromelles while fighting for their their country to say nothing of a distant relation of prince Charles their King!

The ceremony to reburied these unlucky soldiers was conducted yesterday with full military honours in northern France and it is obvious that prince Charles had been called away from his hobbies to represent the royal family and try to show some gratitude for what these brave souls did, indeed when prince Charles said.

“I am profoundly humbled by the outstanding bravery of these men, who fought so valiantly.”

He was sounding the right note and should thank his speech writers, but the photograph above and the magnified section below tells a different story; if you look closely you will see that Camillia is showing the Prince the record of service, so far so good, but you will also see that prince Charles appears to be picking his nose, that is presumably to cover the fact that he is whispering.

“It’s upside down love!”


What a shame that with one action and one photograph the whole pretence of caring evaporates to say nothing of the insult to the 250 souls and relatives who were trying to have their quiet moment in the sun. How can anyone be interested in following a ceremony if they have the programme of events upside down? If anyone knows do let me in on the secret.


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