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Fish Parking – Cat Heaven

Every so often you find a place on this pretty little planet that surely is a tiny part of heaven.

For me being a Cat anywhere that allows a high concentration of fish in a small place and out of water too is heaven. As you can see from this sign California has a little bit of heaven in it.

Fish parking

Please don’t judge me if I don’t actually tell you where in California my bit of heaven is, it isn’t that I am being selfish, it’s just that I want to keep all of the fish to myself!

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Cats vs Fishermen

In a contest that involves wit, brains, guile and of course good looks a Cat will always beat a Fisherman.

And here is the proof. As you can see in the first photograph the Cat has found something interesting in the Fisherman’s nice shiny bucket, I was going to say that the Cat had found the Fisherman’s ‘tackle’ interesting but that just sounded weird!

Cat vs Fisherman 1

Very slowly, quietly and carefully the Cat does what cats do best, helps himself to something tasty and all while the idiot on the Quay is fiddling with his rod – mmh fishing terminology sounds just a little rude sometimes doesn’t it? But only if you don’t have pure thoughts.

Cat vs Fisherman 2

Which all goes to show that it isn’t only Dogs that drool while Cats rule is it!

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