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Advertising Russian Style

Although Russia and in particular Moscow is a tamer, more civilized place when compared to twenty years ago it’s a wild and dangerous place compared to America or England which have their moments of course.

But in either America or England you won’t find any personal physical threats in advertising, especially food advertising. The dreadful ‘love story’ coffee commercials on both side of the Atlantic come to mind here.

No one in New York or London is going to grab you by the collar and tell you to explore the taste of America or England – that as you can see from the shop window advert below is not the case in Moscow.

Explore The Taste Of Russia  Or Else She ll Get You

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Do You Know What Are You Eating?

Don’t you wonder what the something is? I know I do! If you look closely at the ‘delicious’ picture from this restaurant you can see a lot of things that might be added to the beef in addition to the Chilli Sauce.

Do You Know What Are You Eating

So far I can see tiny pulse like things that I think are maggots. Something green which is obviously the famous ‘green thing’ that is in all Chinese meals in China but banned from Chinese takeaways in the West. Is that the edge of an Octopus’s arm towards the bottom in the middle I think so don’t you?

Definitely there is a bit of vomit on the left of the picture and I have a feeling that the whole thing turned and started looking at me with the look of a bully in a fairground who asks “what are you looking at?’ To which the answer always sadly seems to be a beating at best or death at worst.

One thing I do know is that I love Chinese food, but not enough to eat Sliced Beef and Something in Chilli Sauce that’s for sure!

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