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Hero Dog Saves the Day!

Last year a brave 8 year old German Shepherd Police Dog called Zak took a large chunk out of the bottomly bits of petty thief John Davies. Mr Davies said that he was “innocently trying to escape after Zak and his handler spotted the him trying to steal a bronze statue from a park.”

Zak The Police Dog.jpg

The statue worth £3,000 was saved and the thief’s rear wounded, which was just all in a days work for Zak, who only bites burglars and thieves happily.

Normally, in the Prime Minister daft Dave Chameleon’s Britain, if something like this happens and a thief or burglar gets hurt plying his ‘trade’ he or she can sue the Police or the property owner for the injury.

As an example of this nonsense believe it or not this week Police asked residents in Britain to remove metal mesh from the windows of their sheds after a spate of robberies because “burglars might hurt themselves while breaking in.”

Next householders expect to be asked to remove the glass from window panes for the same reason because we all know how sharp glass is after you have smashed it with a brick to gain illegal entry – don’t we?

But this time during Mr. Davies’ trial this week, for some really odd and almost inexplicable reason the sore bottomed thief wasn’t allowed the privilege of using the corrupt legal system to obtain damages from Zak and his owners because on hearing just how the criminal was caught Judge Julian Lambert said in court yesterday: “Good! I hope it hurt. Well done Zak!”

Yes well done Zak! He did what my dog Ben and any other right thinking Dog would do and of course what people in Britain should do (but tend not to because of fear of retribution from not only the burglars but also the legal system), no not bite thieves’ bums but help to maintain the law like.

Since all of the excitement Zak has retired and if he is anything like his human Police colleagues he will be receiving an enormous pension, still Zak is one pensioner who deserves his pension and a peaceful retirement. His handler still looks after him and said. “Zak’s now living a quieter life with me in Cheltenham and is perfect with children and families.”

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Only A Dog Could Be This Daft!

Just look what this dumb Dog did!

Rebel an eight month old German Shepherd Dog was heading for trouble when he decided to check out an interesting looking hole in the wall.

As you can see from the first picture ‘clever’ Rebel somehow managed to squeeze his head into a really small hole in the wall of his garden in Los Angeles, California, and then the curious bone headed bow-wow got his head well and truly stuck.

Dumb Dog.jpg

Unfortunately Rebel’s owner was out and it was only when a friend of the owner heard Rebel whining, whimpering and generally expressing a wish not to have his head sticking out of the wall that he found the pitiful pup, in what could be described as “a bit of a tight spot” he took pity on him and called the authorities.

County Animal Services officers arrived and decided the Dog was not in serious danger and obviously thought that the dim Doggie was making a song and a dance out of his predicament so they decided that if Rebel could get his head into the hole then he could jolly well get his head out of the same hole – with a bit of help of course.

Obviously the County Animal Services officers’ main concern was not to hurt Rebel, with officers on either side of the wall, they tucked in the silly pup’s ears and gently pulled him back and forth for about 30 minutes before they managed to free him.

Happily no one, either canine or human was hurt and as you can see from the next picture Rebel seems to have rather enjoyed the experience, proving that Dogs are really very dumb!

Happy Ending.jpg

Well I don’t know about ‘a rebel without a cause,’ this Cat would say the this was ‘a Rebel without a clue.’

Sadly I have a lot of experience with German Shepherd Dogs and I would caution anyone who believes that German Shepherd Dogs are ‘intelligent’ they really aren’t and the ones that appear to be are pretending I promise, as you will know if you have read any of my blogs, my book or indeed my www – wickedly wonderful website my German Shepherd Dog ‘Ben’ is how can I put this in the most flattering way possible err – ‘challenged.’

If you didn’t get my book for Christmas don’t worry there are plenty here Amazon.com or if you want you can order one from my website here www.thecatsdiary.com.

I hope that eventually everyone will have a copy of my book ‘Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary’ and not only because that will make me ‘J-K-Rowling-Rich’ but also because unlike Harry Potter my books will make you laugh and therefore the world a brighter place.

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