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Goop De Gobble De

Sometimes signs speak for themselves and then other times it’s like they are written in a foreign language just try to read the attack on the English language provided by a translator from china who was actually paid for this abomination.

I like to call this sort of nonsense “goop de gobble de” because although it is ‘gobble de goop’ thats’s how it would be translated by this Chinese idiot.

Still I don’t know why we bother trying to understand what the manufacturer was trying to say on the packaging really because if the product is made in China it won’t work for long because anything and everything that’s made there is just plain dreadful, what a good job they haven’t started making medicines yet!

I went to China doing research for my next book a Travelogue – oh it is awful and they eat Cats there did you know that!

Goop de Gobble de

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