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Japan Earthquake – They Need Our Help Now

Japanese Quake

It’s odd you know that when the last Tsunami struck everyone around the world immediately opened their wallets and pocket books and asked where do we send the cash? So now when the disaster is just as bad why does it seem to me that the reaction is not the same. The press and almost every page you clicked onto on the net for years had “send money to help victims of the Tsunami” signs.

Just because Japan is a rich country or was until recently it doesn’t mean that they are suffering less than the unfortunate people who suffered last time. So my dear cuddly readers we have to send the Japanese some help asap.

If you do decide to help with your cash try to do so directly if you give it to most of the leading charities there is no guarantee that it will be used to help the people you want to send it to. Use the Japanese Embassies near you or a Japanese Bank that way you’ll know that the big charities haven’t taken their 40% for operating costs and then misdirect the funds you donated to some other project.

We must help these poor souls now.

Japanese Disaster

You can find a Japanese Embassy near you from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan list here Japanese Embassies. For local branches of Japanese banks your yellow pages is the best place to go.

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