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So that is where babies come from!

Simple isn’t it?

So that is where babies come from

And for those of you who don’t know much in the way of Italian I will translate (well to the best of my ability, I am a Cat after all!)

‘Sanitaria Profumeria’ means literarily ‘health perfumery!’ What that actually is I don’t know and so I suggest that you draw your own conclusions!

Personally I think it’s a place that idiots frequent to purchase very expensive and utterly useless ‘health’ products and all sorts of other pointless nonsense like Homeopathic Medicine and daft vitamins that they don’t need. I bet you could who that you will bump into prince Charles in one, or indeed some other flake in one. Which is one of the reasons he probably will never get the promotion to king a promotion he has coveted for many a long year!

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