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Jessie The Cat Goes For A Little Walk 2,000 Miles

After moving 2,000 miles from Ungarra, South Australia to a new home in Darwin high up in Australia’s Northern Territories in March last year Jessie The Cat went missing, her family looked everywhere for her but she was nowhere to be seen.

A year later Jessie The Cat’s family had more or less given up any hope of ever seeing their wonderful Cat again until one day the people who had moved into Jessie The Cat family’s old house called them up and said that they had seen a strange Cat mooching around their house.

Jessie The Cat’s family asked for a picture, just in case the strange cat wasn’t a stranger to them. The picture arrived and delighted Jessie The Cat’s family because – well you have guessed it, it was Jessie The Cat.

Jessie The Cat had somehow managed to walk 2,000 miles back to her old home and her journey gets even more impressive when you look at the routes she may have taken, either Jessie The Cat crossed Australia’s searing desert or she took a very much longer coastal route to visit her old house and chums, until now Jessie The Cat hasn’t said which one she took or indeed whether she plans further adventures in the future.

Jessie s Journey

Just like Jessie The Cat your favourite genius of a feline author has been travelling, last year and indeed for a few years before I travelled the world researching my latest and most wonderful masterpiece of feline literature ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ and although I didn’t actually match Jessie The Cat’s feat on all fours I think I deserve a pat on the back don’t you?

You can get The Cat’s Travelogue Paperback Edition or a copy of The Cat’s Travelogue ebook by clicking these links or the nice picture below!

Travelogue by John Woodcock

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