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Dare you book a holiday with this travel agent?

If you live fast then you may want to use this travel agent! Based in Seoul, Korea and Swansea (obviously) Dai Young Travel never fail to deliver death defying holidays with their partner airline which is obviously JetBlue.

Dai Young Travel

JetBlue I hear you cry, where is the joke in that? Well my cuddly boys and girls if you read the paper you would have read all about the fun and games laid on by the pilot of the JetBlue flight from JFK to Las Vegas as the ranting pilot was pinned down by passengers, one of whom then made an emergency landing in Amarillo Texas.


I could of course have added a picture of the poor unfortunate devil being ‘de-planed’ (as they used to say) strapped to a gurney and screaming, but I thought that was a little sick and so my dear cuddly readers you will have to be content with a picture above. Of course if you want to witness the poor devils suffering you can turn to any national newspaper and of course Google or YouTube who all obviously have much lower standards than this Cat.

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I Had A Scare Over Christmas

As the headline says I had something of a scare over Christmas! Aren’t headlines good! They are a great way of scanning a page and discovering if you can be bothered to read an article, obviously that comment refers to everyone else’s headlines in print and on the www – wobbly wide web and not to my blog which is always wonderful, so I have been told.

So on to the subject of the headlines. The humans here like movies and they settled down to watch “JFK” a movie about – well “JFK,” and if you have been living in a cave since the ’50’s or are indeed disgustingly young you may need to know here that “JFK” was the brand name for a US President called John F Kennedy, who was sadly assassinated before he really got into his Presidential stride and since then there have been all sorts of theories, most of them conspiracy ones, concerning how and why, what and wherefore, you know the drill.

Anyway the movie was much more than just a little dull and I drifted off to sleep, well a good looking Cat needs sleep! I woke up later in the middle of another movie, though at the time I didn’t know that it was another movie and could have sworn that I had discovered exactly what happened to JFK after the assassination attempt, he had given up politics and gone ‘native’ in a picture called “Dances with Wolves.”

You see movies sometimes confuse me, the main character in the movie “JFK” wasn’t “JFK” he was someone else, in fact all “JFK” did in his own movie was get shot, again something which must have been very depressing indeed, no wonder he gave up politics and a, it has to be said, not very promising acting career I thought!


Unfortunately I occasionally can’t work out which movies are factual, ‘biopics,”fact-ion’ and which are just complete nonsense.

As it turned out incredibly both of the movies I mainly slept through were based on fact (where possible) and if I had watched the end of one and the beginning of the other I might have been better informed, though of course the idea of JFK kicking back for a while and enjoying life is nice.

Actually I believe the poor devil did get the opportunity to do just that! Have you seen the picture of ‘him’ on the yacht with the naked ladies frolicking – oh I know I shouldn’t gossip, but it is fun isn’t it?

Lastly I enjoyed the “Dances with Wolves,” the Wolves reminded me of my Dog a little though like him, the Wolves in the film didn’t actually dance, unless I missed that bit at the beginning and when I tried to speak to someone at the movie studio MGM to find out where they shot the Wolves dancing they said that it wasn’t the studios policy to shoot Wolves, I hung up confused!

Dances with Wolves.jpg

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