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Dubai has everything you would want in a vacation destination

They say that Dubai has everything you would want in a vacation destination, but what do the people who live there think about the invasion of foreigners to say nothing about them being strictly non-believers.

Well I think that I have found the answer.

Call to let of steam in Dubai

Obviously if you are a local and disconcerted or angry about the number of tourists you can call the number on the back of the Toyota Pickup for a rant!

Hmm I would have thought that Dubai being something of an up market destination for the above average holidaymaker the “Call for a rant” organisation would have used a rather more luxurious automobile wouldn’t you?

Have we at long last seen something from Dubai sans bling? Surely not! No don’t worry it is still like Blackpool with Baubles or Vegas with (real) Gold leaf!

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Dare you book a holiday with this travel agent?

If you live fast then you may want to use this travel agent! Based in Seoul, Korea and Swansea (obviously) Dai Young Travel never fail to deliver death defying holidays with their partner airline which is obviously JetBlue.

Dai Young Travel

JetBlue I hear you cry, where is the joke in that? Well my cuddly boys and girls if you read the paper you would have read all about the fun and games laid on by the pilot of the JetBlue flight from JFK to Las Vegas as the ranting pilot was pinned down by passengers, one of whom then made an emergency landing in Amarillo Texas.


I could of course have added a picture of the poor unfortunate devil being ‘de-planed’ (as they used to say) strapped to a gurney and screaming, but I thought that was a little sick and so my dear cuddly readers you will have to be content with a picture above. Of course if you want to witness the poor devils suffering you can turn to any national newspaper and of course Google or YouTube who all obviously have much lower standards than this Cat.

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