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You Humans Are Mad, Mad, And Err Mad!

Did I say you humans are quite mad? As bonkers as well were people who like to hit their heads on the closest wall! Why well just read this snippet from a press release, look at the picture and judge for your self!

“The M-Dress, lets wearers make and receive calls by slipping their sim card under the label, allowing them to keep their usual numbers.

Gesture recognition software allows users to pick up a call by raising their hand to their ear and end a conversation by letting it fall to their side”

A phone that is a dress! What next a table that is a cup of coffee? A jar of jam that is a car?

Maybe in all of this madness humans should allow Cats to take over the stress of running their day to day lives, I am sure that we Cats will do a better, more sensible and fairer job than you lot have achieved so far.


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