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The Tesla Advert

Tesla Window

As you can see I have been out and about with my camera. The picture above and the detail from it below are of an advert which was created in the late 1940’s for the Czech Tesla Radio company.

Until recently the stained glass advertisement which you can find in the ‘Passage Svetozor’ in Prague was boarded up but now it is on show and has been cleaned so that it can show its true glory.

Tesla Window Detail

For those of you interested Nikola Tesla invented or is that discovered and found a use for (not really sure)radio X-rays, the vacuum tube amplifier and so much more sadly Nikola Tesla received little or no credit for these and other inventions.

The window is as I said above an advert and you may, if you are curious enough want to know more about why such a wonderful artefact was created, well as I am a clever Cat I can tell you with a little help from wikipedia and a few more accurate sources of information.

The advert was created for the TESLA company, which was established in 1921 and named Tesla in 1946 after Nikola Tesla although later the Czechs, who can be a funny bunch, said that they hadn’t named the company after him after all, if you see what I mean, and they had really called the company TESLA because that made up word is an as abbreviation of the Czech words “TEchnika SLAboproud√°” – which means “Low voltage technology” in Czech).

This is probably just communist nonsense, as we all know in strict totalitarian societies you can’t have such a thing as the cult of personality unless the personality you are talking about is in power like Stalin, however this political cult of personality also occasionally works in the west, take Thatcherism as an example of that!

The TESLA company exists today but it is no longer a state-owned electrotechnical conglomerate some of the conglomerate parts were transformed into independent state-owned companies but happily the Czechs don’t have much in the way of stained glass and incredibly the advert has survived, a couple of invasions both from the Soviets and almost anything that was thrown at it – metaphorically speaking of course.

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