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Justice Is Coming Possibily

Mary Bale, the dreadful bank employee who sparked international outrage after she dumped an innocent Cat into a wheelie bin, has been charged with animal cruelty thankfully.

It will be interesting to follow the trial and see just what you get for stroking a Cat and then dumping it into a wheelie bin and then leaving the poor thing there for around 15 hours. Did I hear anyone say time in prision? Time in prision is one of the options that is open to the judge as is enforcing an order that the old bag never keeps animals, but this trial will be in England, where the legal system is old, decrepid, unjust and frankly passed it and so she will probably just be sentenced to community service – cleaning out wheelie bins?

The injustice has already started because the Old Bag has been on paid sick leave from her job since the incident too afraid to go out I expect, I wonder why she is being paid to sulk at home after what she did?

You know if this old bag had done something really bad in the unfocussed misty eyes of the English legal system like say for instance stolen money even if it was the to the value of a chocolate bar she would see the inside of a gaol but sadly what is incomprehensible to most normal people what will it be to a judge and the English legal system? We will see! I doubt that a Cat will get proper justice!

Just so you know who to shout at when she goes to the courthouse (obviously I would never suggest or encourage anyone to thorw rotten tomatoes or eggs or indeed buckets of Cat vomit for that matter at Mary Bale the following pictures demonstrate the difference between Mary Bale and an Old Bag.


Mary Bale


An Old Bag

PS the trial will be in Coventry England and I will be there with a bucket tee hee!