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Oldham’s Sign Erection Crew Visit Leeds

Oldham s Sign Erection Crew Visit Leeds

The lads and possibly lasses (in this politically correct world we live in) of the Oldham road sign erection crew have struck again, but this time you have to go to Leeds to see this marvellous example of the sort of careful workmanship and workwomanship (in this politically correct world we live in).

Their work is a fine example of the type of British craftsmanship and craftswomanship (of course) that David Cameron and all of the other deluded British politicians believe is going to make the UK a world power once again, to say nothing of ensuring that everyone has nice shiny shoes and all the trains not only run on time but are clean! Isn’t it great to ‘believe?’

If you don’t remember the fine example of Oldham’s road sign erection crew’s work from my previous blog here is an example as published by the Cat who writes Blogs i.e. me just before my birthday on November 14th.

If You want Craftsmanship don t go to Oldham

Of course if you missed my birthday you will be pleased to hear that I have no problem with presents, cards and cash arriving late, in fact I have said on any number of occasions that I am just like a politician in this respect – open to ‘presents’ at any time during the year!

Of course if you don’t remember when Oldham’s sign erection crew last struck just click here, aren’t they clever?

Don’t forget that the holidays are upon us, Thanksgiving in just a day or so away and Christmas as usual is lurking around the corner which means that you may well be stumped for what to get the children, the Dog, the family and all of the others that you have to buy presents for, my advice is don’t panic just go to either my www-wickedly wonderful website www.thecatsdiary.com or indeed good old Amazon.com and order dozens of copies of my books. May I helpfully suggest that for people you really like you give both of my books to and for people you aren’t so keen on just the one!

Here are a few useful links to save you time and cut out the hours of concentrated thought that you would normally devote to choosing the right present for everyone.

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Oldham’s Bid To Rival China

Normally I ‘wobble on,’ as someone once said though I personally don’t agree, about the worse than dreadful craftsmanship (if you can call it that) of the Chinese and their hamfisted attempts to produce manufactured (and I use that word lightly) goods so it is with a heavy heart and a rarely experienced degree of reluctance that I give you Oldham’s attempt to take back some of the manufacturing jobs that they lost to China.

If You want Craftsmanship don t go to Oldham

Please note the precision and excellence of construction, the care and attention to detail and most of all the quality control.

As the sign says – well the bit that is the right way up that you can read – “Oldham is working for a co-operative borough” or words to that effect, while pondering just how many ‘work people’ (you can no longer call them ‘workmen’ in such a forward looking place) working ‘co-operatively’ it took to construct the sign I was also trying to work out what that strap line actually meant!

Are they suggesting that the entire area become some sort of enormous workers co-operative where more examples of this type of constructive freedom, that comes with this sort of endeavour, can be experienced you know like streetlights buried upside down and footpaths that foul dogs!

Here are some interesting (I promise) facts about Oldham

  • I didn’t visit Oldham when writing my latest block busting book ‘The Cats Travelogue’
  • Oldham is in England
  • England is in Europe
  • Oldham is a large town in Greater Manchester
  • Oldham has little early history to speak of
  • Oldham was a boomtown of the Industrial Revolution
  • Oldham was among the first ever industrialised towns
  • Oldham was the most productive cotton spinning mill town in the world at the height of the industrial revolution Oldham spun more cotton than France and Germany put together
  • In late May 2001 Oldham hosted 3 days of race riots
  • Oldham is a bit run down (see picture below of the railway station in 2010
  • Oldham is a bit run down

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