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India’s Idea of Paradise

In a country where there are more people than flies, that can almost be smelt as you come into land you would expect one or two places to be little tiny picturesque oases of calm, cleanliness and beauty places that are for want of a better word – paradise.

Ladies and Gentlemen and of course dear cuddly readers I give you India’s idea of paradise – as the Indian sign says.

Actually I did discover what a dreadful place India was when researching my next blockbusting book ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ happily the Indian Government has ‘sponsored’ the chapter and that is code for the fact that like the Chinese they are paying me a substantial sum to exclude the chapter from my book, happily they didn’t say anything about my blog and that means I can continue to bring you the pictures and stories that you won’t find in the guide books or the government tourism websites.

What a dreadful place India really is to consider a place ringed in razor wire and guarded by Kalashnikov toting guards paradise. If you look closely you will also see that the place has its own distinct aroma and for India a country that is ‘known’ for aromas that is saying something.

India s Idea of Paradise

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