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Love Birds Of A Feather!

Ah! Sometimes pictures do that don’t they? They make you go ‘ah’ and then feel all good inside! Here is a nice picture that will undoubtedly make all you humans go ah! I call it “Lovebirds of a Feather – where’s me feathers?” Just to annoy one of my younger friends ‘Davy’ who was taken advantage of by a Parrot and a photographer when he was snatching a bit of a doze before having a really long snooze.

Personally I think that it’s terrible that photographers take pictures like this, in the Cat World we call this sort of imagery ‘Kitten Porn’ but I know you humans like it – shame on you!

What is worse when we showed this blog to poor Davy he took it rather badly and tried to stay awake and never sleep, of course that didn’t work and after a few days he had forgotten all about it, but that’s Kittens for you, one Kitten has much sense as all of the members of the British Royal family, who, as we all know are dreadfully ‘limited’ in every respect.

Having said all of that Davy’s anguish did make me think that I may have been around humans for too long, because I thought the picture below called “Love Birds Of A Feather – Where’s Me Feathers?” was rather funny – yes I need professional help don’t I?

Love Birds Of A Feather  Where s Me Feathers

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My Friend Jessie Outfoxes A Professional Photographer

My latest and very dear friend Jessie a Fox Cub of just a few Moons decided that she was completely and utterly fed up with being photographed and so to do something about it she put together a plan to get her own back.

Yes she reasoned she is cute but there a limit to the amount of time even the most adorable model wants to spend posing isn’t there?

So when the photographer went back to his car to get a different lens Jessie struck and started to take pictures of him, mainly of his bum but then she is new to pro photography. Unfortunately Jessie was dealing with a pro photographer and as you can see he had a camera in his pocket ready snap unforgettable moments and below is Jessie’s.


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