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Would you like a slice of this Pizza?

There are a lot of publicity seeking ‘minor’ celebrity chefs prancing around on TV and appearing in all sorts of places telling us what to eat, how to cook it and in some cases what not to eat.

Some of the Jamie Oliver type are so dedicated to generating cash that they tell us things like “do not to eat fast food” and appear on the news and chat shows explaining to us mere mortals that fast food is very bad for us and then several months later announce their plans to open Hot Dog restaurants. Oh sorry that wasn’t an example of a “Jamie Oliver” type’s action that was an example of Jamie Oliver’s latest hypocrisy!

One of the worst things about these publicity seeking ‘minor’ celebrity chefs is that they have run out of decent meals to show us how to cook on their TV shows and then again include the very same recipes in their follow up books based on the TV series and that means that old recipes have unusual or specialist ingredients added to them, food is ‘fused’ whatever the hell that means and so on.

With all of this in mind imagine my lack of surprise when I saw the Pizza restaurant advert below advertising yet another ‘specialist;’ ingredient to accompanying a dish that was created by the Romans who called theirs placenta and used a sheet of dough topped with cheese and honey and flavored with bay leaves. Of course with a dish as popular as Pizza there are any number of countries and people that claim to have invented it.

Pizza with a plus Bratislava

Just a thought, cheese, honey and bay leaves flavouring – ugh! Give me an old fashioned, wholesome Pizza any day and of course you can apply that statement to any of the rubbish that publicity seeking ‘minor’ celebrity chefs create can’t you!


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