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The Cat Takes A Close Look At Road Signs

I can imagine the conversation between the dazed drive and the traffic cop after the (hopefully) small accident that this sign created all on its own!

Traffic Cop stands looking on bemused.

Driver pointing to undamaged yellow sign: “Turning left seemed right somehow officer!”

Turning Left Seemed Right Somehow.jpg

Ok so the next sign is not technically a road sign however before cars most highways were trails – yes I know that is a sort of tenuous introduction but I really like the Californian honesty behind this sign and so we couldn’t leave it out could we?

Californian Honesty.jpg

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A Lot Of People Believe In Signs!

It is true a lot of people think that they see statues of major and minor deities and probably celebrities bleeding and doing all manner of rather revolting things and announce – “It’s a sign!”

Some humans I know believe that they get privileged information from ‘beyond’ – oddly enough the contact ‘beyond’ is often a native American Indian – and are deliriously happy to announce that they have had ‘a sign.’

I tend not to believe any of these ‘signs’ and as I continue to add to my collection of really very stupid signs I have discovered that I don’t believe in the old fashioned tin on a pole type physical signs these days either do you?

Beware of the Grey ones then - Lake district.jpg

I have to ask – what on earth does this sign mean? Do only Red Squirrels drive slowly? Do we have to really keep a look out for the Grey ones because they drive like lunatics? You tell me!

I would also like to know what they are smoking locally? Or is there something in the water in the Lake District of England – it’s where Beatrix Potter started talking to animals isn’t it, so there is definitely something wrong there?

“Oh look there is another Rabbit with clothes on – is that an everyday occurrence in the Lake District I wonder.

clothed rabbit.jpg

It really makes you wonder doesn’t it. Ok before you say anything what so ever I know that I am a talking cat and could even be described as very slightly anthropomorphic (as it were) but I have never ever dressed up in human clothes deliberately, yes there was that incident in my wonderful book my devoted readers will recall when my disguise went a bit wrong and I ended up plastered in make-up wearing a rather flouncy wig but that was an error that a lot of you humans make all too often if you believe what is written in the press.

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Unusual Signs

Humans as I think I have said in my latest book at Amazon.com and any number of times on my wonderful blog are rather odd.

Humans display these oddities in all sorts of ways and one of the most novel ways is in sign language. I have been collecting some signs that have been erected all over the world by humans who have carefully and deliberately, it would seem, disengaged their brains before writing the sign.

Strange Dog - Aren't they All?.jpg

“Aren’t all Dogs strange?”

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“What a brilliant book cover it should be a sign!”

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