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Spelling and Grammar are important!

There has been a lot of coverage in the newspapers recently describing spelling as one of the most -important skills needed today and how all of the influences of text (and or what is called these days ‘internet’)speak and auto corrections in mobile apps is changing our spelling and grammar for the worse.

Obviously when working for the Brighton Argus a newspaper based in sunny Brighton, Sussex, England spelling isn’t really very important at all.

Spelling Is The Most Important Skill Needed When Working For The Brighton Argus

Although this is probably not the best place to mention my translator’s brother Roger who was a wonderful person and excellent brother I am going too anyway, because Roger was a journalist of some repute and hated poor grammar and terrible spelling. Nine years ago today Roger decided to prompt an obituary on the cover of the regional newspaper he was working for at the time.

So if you do drink do please raise a glass to Roger Woodcock because quite simply if he was here now he would knock a few back with you, ladies and gentlemen I give you the one and only RW.


We will never see his like again!

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Misdirection Or Did They Really Mean That!

Have you had enough and wanna jump off a bridge? Well this way then!

Had Enough Wanna Jump This Way Then

The Cat’s Opinion

In all honesty it’s better not to jump! Nothing in this world is so bad that it can’t be sorted out.

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