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Sex In The City 2

I watched Sex in the City 2 yesterday – it was the longest three minutes of my life. Please tell me who told Sarah Jessica Parker that she was pretty let alone talented? Someone was lying to her!

Sex 2.jpg

The only good thing about SJP’s looks is that they make the other three bints look good, but then that is like saying that up against Osama bin Laden Che Guevara was good looking! If you see what I mean!


But then frankly both of those dreadful murdering maniacs top the eternally dreadful SJP with their good looks, dress sense and of course sense of humour – tee hee.


I can see why the picture (below) of Che Guevara didn’t appear on any tee shirts (oops above sorry) when it was the fashion to wear a tee shirt with Che’s imagine on it or indeed nowadays when you see old hippies and idiots doing the same because Che Guevara looks a bit gay here does anyone else think that?

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