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Today’s blog is tinged with sadness

I am afraid that today’s blog is desperately sad! You see I was set to have a bit of a break, a well deserved and earned rest, you know kick back and enjoy the Springlike sunshine that has been gracing us lately. But as you can see from the picture below it is snowing here and that means that I will get covered in the stuff when I go out to look at the garden and the Snowdrops, mind you Snowdrops in the snow are pretty cool aren’t they.

Foot prints in the snow

If you haven’t seen Snowdrops in the snow then you are in for a treat below.

Snowdrops in the snow

Sigh! All the snow means that I will have to go back inside and eat Prawns all day and that in turn means that I will need dozens if not millions of good people to buy my books Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary and The Cat’s Travelogue so that I can afford even more Prawns it is a “vicious circle of life” to misquote the Lion King!

As you can see (above) happily I have had help making the little picture boxes look nicer – I hope. If they are, then it is a relief all round, do click them if you like, of course if you buy something after clicking them then www.amazon.com pay me a paltry sum in return and if you click the boxes with my books on then I get a bigger sum; hint hint! And ‘sum’ add up don’t they!

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In praise of Moles

If any of my blog readers follow my Twitter account they will know that yesterday I went out for a stroll behind the studio and saw the first Snowdrops of the year they were so pretty and signify (I hope) the end of the Winter and warmer days to come that I thought I would snap a picture and share it with all on my lovely cuddly readers.


One of the other little marvels of nature that I saw, which I have to say were far more plentiful than the Snowdrops were Mole hills, there were thousands of them, by the looks of things Moles like to create their little hills all over the place and some of the places that they work so hard in are a little dangerous I have to say!

The Mole hills in the picture below were right next to a stream that’s still a little swollen with melt water from the surrounding hills and the ice and snow that covered them for so long – shiver.

You know I like Moles and I think that Moles sadly have a bit of an image problem but honestly I would welcome them and their hills into my neighbour’s garden any day!

Mole Hills

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It’s Snowing – How Dare It?

The weather had grown warmer and more Spring-like and obviously lulled this contented Cat into a false sense of Springtime security. I was just limbering up to take in the vista of swathes of Snowdrops sparkling in grass that is greener and recovering from being coated in tons of snow and what happens?


I’ll tell you what happens Mother Nature decides to be a right bitch and dump a load on our heads – thank goodness that load is ‘snowy’ that’s all I can say about it!

So the Mac Mini is ‘back’ after its little trip to the repairers and so far its working which is nice although I don’t know why I am saying it’s ‘nice’ that it is working because it is only doing exactly what I bought it to do! Isn’t it terrible that we have to be thankful that a computer that is a few months old is ‘still’ working? Bloody malmanufacturing Chinese and Apple have a lot to answer for.

Did you see my new way of describing anything made by the Chinese? The word is ‘malmanufactured’ and ‘malmanufacturing’ are the ‘ways’ of the ‘malmanufacturers’ or Chinese people with half a brain, little clue and a screwdriver in their hand.

Did you also see that people (not only me) are beginning to get annoyed with Apple for not ensuring that they properly oversee the manufacture of their products by the ham-fisted little brutes across the sea.

I read the other day that an Apple executive had visited the Apple factory in China to make sure that they installed nets to catch all of the jumpers who are tired of working for little pay in dire conditions. What he did made me think! Whilst I tend to agree with what the Apple executive wanted to achieve, I wonder whether they should’ve held off on the nets, until the standard of manufacture improved don’t you think so too?

Workers at Fox Conn

Judging by the picture of some of the workers at the dreadful factory which makes not only Apple Computers (badly) but also ruins all sort of electronic stuff, maybe the standard of manufacture is due to the long hours, terrible pay, very poor working conditions and goodness knows what else, we know that the jumping off the roof of the factory is.

The poor lady (in the picture) looks as though she wants to be at home on the farm, or making her children’s breakfast, or indeed crocheting but definitely not being held captive making something that means absolutely nothing to her and knowing that every one of the items she makes creates greater wealth for just a few of her fellow countrymen and of course Chinese politicians – do you get the feeling that in a few years what is happening now in the middle east will happen in such a bigger way in China – I do!

I feel so embarrassed buying goods made in China you know! It’s terrible to support the growth of a country and culture where they have no regard for human life or the standard of their manufacturing! I do wish that Apple could make their computers in the US or the UK and charge just a little more for them or better still take a little less profit.

The problem is that if Apple did that then the third world conditions of those two countries would improve, and the people employed on the production lines would be so happy to have a job that they would try to ensure that the product that they were making was of the highest quality!

Oh dear I see one problem here unfortunately – all of the components would still be made in China so they would still break – talk about a being held to ransom! What were the captains of industry thinking about when they moved all the jobs to China? Oh yes profit and not consumers of course.

Changing the subject and talking of a product that you can be proud of my writing of my next book is sailing along now which is nice.

Not only that I hope this week to be able to announce some ‘developments’ regarding my latest masterpiece of a book “Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary.” But all I will say at this moment is that you should get your copy from either Amazon.com or my www.Wickedly Wonderful Website www.thecatsdiary.com now!

The Cat & Kindle

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