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The Latest Chinese Outrage – Err…Sorry Cuisine

Well I am back from skiing in the Bohemian Mountains after the weather let up enough to allow us to drive to where it was filling reservoirs instead of blocking roads if you see what I mean.

It’s nice to be back home and have a peaceful day instead of whistling across miles of snow trying to avoid the occasional lone Pine Tree and tired pensioner. This weekend I put my Paws up and ‘veged’ out in front of the box or as the automatic Lion spell checker would have it, I ‘vexed’ out in front of the box, that sounds as though I got mad watching TV but I didn’t I promise I was quite mellow in fact and watched one of my favourite movies ‘Babe’ which is, as you may now about a rather nice talking Pig and of course I enjoyed the movie, and its delightful little Pig actor (how many times can you say that in a sentence and get away without being sued?).

After the movie I did get mad or as Lion would call it ‘vexed’ and then a little ill when I was going through my email and saw what ‘a friend; in China had sent me, the picture below, the email said that ‘my friend’ knew I liked to publish strange pictures now and again and what could be stranger than a restaurant that served Pig’s Organ Soup.

“Poor Babe,” was my first thought and then I started to think about what they might serve in the restaurant and got a little sicker, after that I wondered what or who on Earth ‘Kway Chap’ is, so I looked it up on Wikipedia, I am pleased to say that it is safe to go back there now because they no longer carry pictures of Jimmy Wales the founder of Wikipedia and other flunkies begging for your cash, I’d give, honest they are all so ugly it just makes you wan tho keep you credit card in your wallet don’t you think.

Anyway I digress but then you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t know that The Cat who writes blogs and books digresses on occasions, Kway Chap is I discovered eventually on Wikipedia is a combination of thick, flat rice flour (Kuay Teow) noodles stir-fried in dark soy sauce with green leafy vegetables, Chinese sausage or unspecified Pig’s Offal and some fried lard. The article wasn’t that helpful but then if you spend so much time raising money you can be expected to make your website encyclopaedic can you?

So yes you heard it first here on the wonderfully clever Cat’s blog, the latest Chinese food craze that’s sweeping the land of people who can’t manufacture electronic devices or socks even though they are shown how to do it patiently by us in the West I is ‘Pig’s Organ Soup.’ The soup recipe from hell!

Yummy Pig s Organ Soup

You know I have a theory, if the Chinese concentrated on carefully making the goods that they manufacture over in slavelabourland instead of inventing ever more odd and unusual meals maybe the rubbish that they make and ship here to the West would last a little longer than the boxes they come in!

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What Do The Chinese Think Of Women – Check Out The Soup!

The Chinese have been described as really not very nice, they eat Dogs and Cats and recently 18 of them in Foshan city, Guandong province nonchalantly walked passed a small child who had been the victim of a hit and run, first by a van and then a car.

Just the other day two year old little Yue Yue was left writhing in agony in the middle of the road as her countrymen and women stepped around her as if she was merely street litter.

I was going to say they stepped around her as if she was Dogs poo but the stray Dogs in Foshan city are few and far between because they get rounded up for din dins, indeed there have been reports over the last two years that Guandong province diners are running out of their main dinner ingredients because they have eaten all the Dogs and Cats in the area.

So what does a nation that has so little regard for little girls think of women, well as the title says check out the soup!

A Soup Too Far

If you think that the Occupy Wall Street campaigners around the world have a point just imagine what it’s like in China where there are a few very rich and billions of poor who don’t even warrant the attention of passers by if they, like two year old Yue Yue, stray away from their the pavement for a couple of minutes unnoticed by their her mother.

The injustice and inequality that is so common in China is disgusting and has to end – please think about Yue Yue and the attitude of the Chinese to life the next time you want to buy something and if the item is made in China please, please think again about buying it I know I will.

And just before I get off my soap box and have a lie down don’t tell me that we the consumers and voters can’t do anything about China’s inhumanity, it was because of us that China was turned from a mainly agricultural backwater into a manufacturing powerhouse, in 20 or so years, because we wanted so many shiny things.

Well now the people in the towns and cities where we live could do with the jobs and that means they can’t afford their homes let alone the shiny things because they are out of work, so if you buy locally the brand names will get the message and they will bring the factories back to your country.

And you never know we might just be able to send a message to China, goodness knows our politicians won’t they are too busy groveling to them.

The Chinese Don’t Know How To Make Electrical Goods & Their Soup Isn’t Any Better!

Oh look a story about China that slipped under the censor’s nose and beady eyes.

As my most dedicated readers and fans know China has agreed to ‘sponsor’ my latest book ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ and in accepting their ‘sponsorship’ I have agreed to allow them to review all of my blog posts and delete the chapters dedicated to my travels in China from my wonderful book because it would have exposed too many home truths about the country where not only Dog and Cat are lunch menu items but also explain why anything made in China either is broken when it comes out of the box of doesn’t last more than a few weeks.

It’s sad to say but true all the same the Chinese unfortunately have no idea how to make electrical goods that last longer than a few days and as this picture of a menu in a Shanghai restaurant proves their Soup isn’t any better!

The Chinese Don t Know How To Make Electrical Goods But Mmh Their Soup

The Cat thinks its a terrible shame that the Chinese gave up knitting with Bamboo and started playing with semi-conductors and soldering irons!

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