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Big (Gas Guzzling) Al Is Ruining The Planet

You know how much this honest Cat just adores hypocrites and swindlers like the every awful Bono the Climate Clown, the abominable prince Charles and the rest of the crazy inbred clan Windsor including the ‘divorced ones’ ginger and non-ginger, because they believe in that old adage “don’t do what I do -= do what I say,” and for some unknown reason believe that they are free to interfere with our lives and tell us what to do while holding out their hands to collect untold riches – sort of like verbal pirates.

Well I have always had my suspicions about Al Gore “fat Al” as I believe they call him in some circles and I have to say that those suspicions are being proved right by fat Al himself.

Mr finger pointer was in Gothenburg, Sweden giving a lecture on the environment and taking the opportunity to chastise the avid listeners for causing the environment to suffer so badly and of course for causing the sun to go purple, while all the time – one hour to be precise – he had left the engine of his rental car running to keep the passenger compartment nice and toasty for his return.

Big (Fuel guzzler) Al.jpg

I wonder if the great eco-warrior knows that according to Swedish law they prohibit – for environmental reasons – any car engine being left running without its driver for more than 60 seconds. If he does then maybe he would like to pay for his carbon use at one of the swindle exchanges that have sprung up – usually owned by banks who are used to creating money out of the thinnest of air.

Of course Big gas Guzzling Al’s mistake was further compounded by the fact that he had asked his distinguished guests to attend the event by public transport in order to minimize CO2 emissions when he hired a car. I wonder which face he was using then?

This eco-friendly Cat believe that we are never ever going to fix the problems of the environment and indeed all of this poor old worlds problems until charlatans such as that gangster Bono, fat Al, and all of the rest are told to shut up and please, please stop jetting around the world causing untold amounts of pollution so that you can tell ordinary folk that they are responsible for the worse eco-disaster this planet has ever experienced.

What these eco-bores are talking about is just simply nonsense! Don’t they know what happened to the Dinosaurs, now that was a terrible eco-disaster – one firey lump of rock the size of… well something very big did for them in a big way, but maybe Big Al and the rest of the people earning a very nice living from lecturing people on saving the planet don’t wish everyone to know that it just takes one very big rock to swing left at Mars and visit our planet and then no amount of lecturing is going to save us.

Obviously between that moment – I believe they call it deep impact or something – and now it is a good idea to keep the place tidy, re-cycle and do our bit, this Cat just wishes that we would all do just that and then Big Gas Guzzling Al, Bono the Climate Clown, the abominable prince Charles and the rest of the climate swindlers could use their hot air to generate electricity instead of boring people around the world while earning fortunes and wasting resources.

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